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Toll Free

Toll Free Number

If you are unable to reach any of the above telephone numbers, dial from abroad+54-11-4323-7777 / +54–11–5330-6190.

or from Argentina 011 5275 - 5400. Fax: +54 11 4323 - 7788 - e-mail: [email protected]

NOTE: The + sign indicates that you must dial the prefix or international area code for outgoing calls of the country from where you are placing the call. RESTRICTIONS ON SOME TOLL FREE NUMBERS

Telephone numbers by country

Global Assistance Lines

Alemania 0800-182-6422 Toll Free Number
Alemania 0800-182-6151
Argentina 0800-999-6400 Toll Free Number
Argentina 0800-444-0357
Argentina 11-4323-7770
Argentina 011 4323-7777 Request your Local Telephone Operator for a Collect Call (if possible) or Dial Direct through Refund.
Australia 1800-676-884
Bolivia 800-100-716
Brasil 0800-761-9254 Toll Free
Brasil 11-4040-4337 Toll Free Number
Chile 18880-080-1014
Chile 18880-020-0668 Toll Free Number
China 4001-202-316 Toll Free
Colombia 01800-954-0510
Costa Rica 0800-054-2043 Toll Free
Ecuador 1800-102-027 Toll Free
Ecuador 1800-102-027 Toll Free
El Salvador 800-67-56 Toll Free
España 900-995-470 Toll Free
Estados Unidos 1866-994-6850 Toll Free
Estados Unidos 1-305-590-8829
Francia 0800-912-830 Toll Free
Israel 1809-452-510 Toll Free
Italia 800-874-446 Toll Free
Japón 0053-153-0001 Toll Free
México 800-123-3362 Toll Free
Nueva Zelanda 0800-449-946 Toll Free
Panamá 00800-0540-396 Toll Free
Paraguay 009800-542-0050
Perú 0800-54-247 Toll Free
Portugal 800-854-005 Toll Free
Puerto Rico 1877-254-0274 Toll Free
Reino Unido 0808-101-2746 Toll Free
República Dominicana 1800-751-3458 Toll Free
Sudáfrica 0800-983-639 Toll Free
Suecia 020-790-590 Toll Free
Suiza 0800-836-429 Toll Free
Tailandia 001800-1562-039-973 Toll Free
Uruguay 000-405-4084 Toll Free
Venezuela 0800-100-5639 Toll Free
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