Personal information protection

The person to whom the personal information belongs has the right to access this data at no cost at intervals not shorter than six months, except a legitimate interest is accounted for this purpose pursuant to the provisions established in article 14, section 3 of Law N° 25.326. The NATIONAL PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION AGENCY (Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales), Supervisory Agency of Law N° 25.326, is entitled to receive claims and complaints filed for violation of personal data protection regulations.  The holder of the personal data may at any time request that their name be eliminated or blocked from the data banks to which this article refers (art. 27, Law 25.326). All advertising communication by postal mail, telephone, email, Internet or other distance communication method yet unknown shall clearly express on a visible place that the holder of the information is entitled to request that whole or part of their name be eliminated or blocked from the data base. At the interested party’s request, the company shall inform the name of the person or user responsible for the data bank that provided the information.